How to Wear Golf Knickers

How to Wear Golf KnickersHow to Wear Golf Knickers

Golf knickers are distinctive garments guaranteed to catch eyes on and off the course. Knickers are customarily paired with golf socks. You can also complete your outfit and increase your comfort on the course with sweater vests, golf polos, or dress shirts. These garments guarantee that you will be dressed to the nines, whether you’re playing the front or back nine or all 18 holes.

Putting Them On – A Quick Primer

Achieve the stylish silhouette unique to golf knickers by making sure that you are wearing these pants properly. Here are a few easy pointers:

#1 Put on your golf knickers.

#2 Pull your socks up over your knees.

#3 Tighten the hem closure on your knickers just below the knee.

#4 Fold the material over to achieve a neat appearance.

Style On and Off the Course

We carry golf knickers for men, women, and kids in a variety of materials, colors, and patterns. If you are looking for plaids, classic checks, or even pinstripes, we offer a wide range of fashionable designs. There are also many possibilities for pairing accessories with these pants. Complete your outfit with socks and a cap, or add a bowtie or belt. Every piece in your golf ensemble is an opportunity to add accents that match your knickers or provide splashes of striking color that are guaranteed to make an impression.

Golf Knickers for Men by Color

Golf Knickers for Men

Golf Knickers for Women

Golf Knickers for Women

Golf Knickers for Kids

Golf Knickers for Kids

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